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Downtown Durham Office Renovation

A local company in downtown Durham was relocating their office in an existing building to the 12th floor, . They wanted a fresh updated look but the new “open office” environments that are becoming so popular, would not be ideal for them. Throughout the planning process, three scenarios were presented to help find the best […]

NC State Contracts

Here are a few manufacturers  we carry that are on the state contract.A lot of these items are quick ship and great options for purchases that need to be made by the end of the fiscal year.    

Large Used Cubicle Installation Completed

Large Used Cubicle Installation Completed – Eastern part of North Carolina. In October of 2015 we were connected to a client who was in need of 111 cubicles, and who was also very budget conscious.   Furthermore, the client needed these cubicles to be installed by the end of the year, leaving only 2 short months to complete. […]

Benefits of Used Furniture

 Recently there has been a craze in every industry to bargain shop. Endless clothing sales, cutting coupons for groceries and wholesale stores. Why would you not implore that same strategy for your growing business? There are so many benefits of used furniture, by purchasing used furniture can save you up to 70% off retail of […]

Furniture install at Galloway Ridge

Here lately a lot of our customers have been coming to us with major time crunch needs. Time is money, so getting to the solution as quick as possible is crucial. “What is your time frame?” Once we determine the time frame of the project we are able to strategically pick the appropriate products that […]

Staying Green this Spring

Over the past 10 years there has been a huge movement for green design and green living in your home. Why not bring it to the office as well! There is no reason why that commitment to being environmentally friendly should stop there, we do spend 40+ hours at our offices every week.  There is […]