Benching Station Install in Morrisville, NC

A local and expanding tech company recently relocated their headquarters location in Durham to Morrisville. They were in the market for collaborative benching workstations, and we were able to help them as they explored the expansion options they had within the leased space.

The main focus on this project was making sure all workstations were open and collaborative, privacy was not a concern – the employees needed to be able to communicate freely and work with each other constantly. Another point of importance was the power/electrical needs for this company.  Being a tech company, we needed to make sure they got an ample amount of power fed through to each station to support the necessary output. By evaluating their main key needs we were able to provide them with the layout and product necessary to achieve the desired work space.

Since this team is based upon collaboration between employees, we also supplemented areas around the office with teaming tables, charging stations, lounge/meeting areas and large whiteboard walls.

Our salesperson, with the help of an interior designer and the end user themselves, created a fun space by coordinating different colored paint on walls to the pops of color we chose for the workstations. We were able to work together to transform this space through multiple design meetings, 3D renderings and no limit on creativity!

See some progression photos below: