Benefits of a Collaborative Work Environment

Recently there has been a growing debate about the direction the office space is heading. In the past few years, it seems that everyone has wanted to trade in their high paneled cube office for a more open layout. The open office layout looks unique and works well for collaboration. Now we are getting the push back that people need more privacy.

The question is: how do you make your employees feel like they have their own space to get work done, but also be able to communicate with co-workers when needed? Here are our 5 suggestions to meet in the middle.

  1. Low panels with glass above. This layout still provides the sound reduction some people crave with the height of the panels but you don’t feel too closed in with the extra light that the glass allows.
  2. Stepping down the panel height. Many people like the overhead storage you get with higher panels. Many of our customers enjoy having a high panel down the center of the cube layout with lower panels along the sides. This gives you complete privacy from some, while still allowing conversation with the people beside you.
  3. More informal meeting areas. The collaboration does not always have to happen right at your desk. By giving some smaller informal meeting areas, you allow employees to keep their private cubes while still giving them a place for a quick meeting. Make sure to include some good tables for laptops.
  4. Give people enough space. We all remember the old offices, trying to fit as many people as possible into a room. While this is still a major factor for companies, trying to keep costs down, it is important that employees want to come to work each day. You don’t have to give everyone a private office, but make sure they at least have some room to breathe.
  5. Be flexible and listen to your employees. While it is not always a good idea to bring in everyone in your company when considering a new office design it is good to get the input of a few people who will actually be working in the space.

With all the different options out there for office design you should not have to pick between a cube farm and complete open design. Most importantly, pick the design that will work for your company.