Blending Old and New to Create the Perfect Workspace


Renovated workstations allow light and privacy.

A local business in Durham, NC  needed  additional office furniture, as they were in process of renovating their existing space.  Originally, the company was interested in purchasing all new furniture, but then realized the option of purchasing pre-owned workstations would better meet their budget.  They had a very specific vision on what they needed in the space to meet their needs.  The main portion of this project was the workstations. The key objective was to create a more open workspace but still provide privacy, as well as giving the individual employees a great place to perform their tasks. In order to provide the specified and affordable outcome, we economized by combining new and used products.  The overall scope of the project consisted of workstations, conference room tables, and sound masking.

To achieve the desired goal for the workstation area, our first option was utilizing the existing used inventory. We blended  a mix of short and tall panels to help with privacy, while still allowing natural light to pass through and make use of a large window wall.   The tall panels also allowed overhead storage bins and shelves to maximize storage.  Once the layout was approved, we customized the stations by adding new pieces, such as additional  panels, frosted glass dividers, accessory rails, and additional work surfaces. Keyboard trays and monitor arms were purchased upon request for the employee.  By blending the new and used, we were able to customize the stations to the customer’s needs,  but still maintain a lower cost per station.


Blending old and new furniture is a great way to be budget-conscious.

The conference room needs are constantly changing.  The customer’s meetings could fluctuate from 20  to 50 people at one time, so flexibility was a main focal point for this area.   As a solution, we provided new conference room tables in a mix of 30”x60”, 24”x72” and half round tables.  The different shapes and sizes allow for more flexibility in the space.  When coming up with quantities and sizes we brainstormed with the client on different possible layouts of the tables.  They wanted to be able to maximize the use of the conference room for all meetings. These tables are also able to fold and nest for ease of storage when not in use.  All the tables had caster bases with locking capabilities which made them mobile and easy to reconfigure quickly.   We also provided a matching presentation lectern.


We created a flexible and functional conference room.

The customer was concerned about the acoustics in the space with having so many workstations in an open area. Sound masking is a product we offer to help with different sound levels by buffering the noise, minimizing distracting sounds/conversations.   The system our customer decided to purchase was a speaker system that is dropped through the grid ceiling.  Each speaker is carefully engineered to fit the space in accordance with ceiling height, square footage, and number of employees occupying the space.  We coordinated installation of the sound masking speakers with the product vendor’s special installation crew.  The installation was scheduled to be completed after hours to minimize any distractions during the normal work day.  The customer is able to now adjust the sound masking speakers when the volume in the office changes  for days when the office is louder than usual, the speakers are still able to buffer and absorb the sound.

This project required a wide scope of resources. We worked hand in hand with the construction crews, property managers, and moving company to ensure everything was completed smoothly and everyone was on the same page.  We left no stone unturned to make sure our client’s needs were met. Customer service and communication were the keys to the success of this project.