Carolina Office Xchange Helps Local Business Maximize Efficiency

Main conference room for the financial planning firm we helped in Raleigh, NC

Main conference room for the financial planning firm we helped in Raleigh, NC

One of the most important attributes for any business to have, but especially within the office furniture industry, is flexibility. As any long-time office furniture professional will tell you, the only constant is change, and we’re always prepared to meet these challenges head on. We solve our clients’ needs on time and on budget, regardless of whatever may occur along the way. Here’s a prime example of how our high level of flexibility really paid dividends:

The Problem:

Our client, a local financial planning firm, occupied suites on two different floors in the building. The goal was to renovate one suite so all employees could work as a team in the same office suite. The firm also had existing furniture which needed to be blended with new furniture to fit the needs of the new space. Most of the office space was being changed to accommodate the firm’s needs. With a full crew doing construction and an onsite property manager, communication between all vendors was imperative. Not to mention, all work needed to be completed after hours, as to minimize any impact on the client’s daily operations.

The Solution:

During our initial proposal, we worked diligently with the client to gather all the necessary product information they would need in order to make an informed decision, as well as to maintain an ideal balance between options and price.

Once the paperwork was completed, we swiftly moved into action. We worked with a local moving company to temporarily relocate the client to the second floor while construction occurred on the first, and removed any existing furniture that would no longer be used. Upon completion of this stage, we delivered and installed the office furniture proposed by our designer and approved by the client. The designer selected a wood finish that closely matched the existing to create a unified look. We also worked with a local glass company who field measured, cut, and installed the glass for the new credenza and conference tables.

As we neared completion, the pre-existing furniture was then blended in with the new furniture. We contracted a local refinisher to touch up the existing furniture as needed. Throughout the process, we remained in close contact with the project management company, and called in to weekly meetings with everyone involved (e.g. architects, designers, movers, property managers, as well as the customer).

The End Result:

After the work was complete and the dust had settled, our client couldn’t have been more pleased—not only with our services, but also how we maximized efficiency throughout the process, helping them get set up and back to work faster. We were more than happy to help their vision become a reality.