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Influence of Workplace Design

Influence of Workplace Design

Recognize the Seriousness of SpaceFirstly, listening to employees’ thoughts can go a long way; and usually does. Generally, employees who expressed an overall level of happiness with their office environment will often times not only become more engaged but stay engaged. On the other hand, employees who were dissatisfied with their work environment tended to be […]

The importance of a healthy office chair.

 The importance of a healthy office chair.In today’s society, many professionals, are required to work with some form of technology for extended periods of time throughout their workdays. This equates to sitting for most of the day, which is why desk chairs are much more than just additions to a workspace. Ergonomically-friendly chairs are often […]

Office Etiquette tips

Office Etiquette: 8 Quick Tips for a Happy Work Environment

While a new professional is beginning their career, office rules and etiquettes are oftentimes under-looked. Learning these policies and training yourself to become as social-aware as possible, particularly in the workplace, will only help your productivity in said workplace. One slip-up or faux pas can be a detriment to your social domain of the office,  future raises and promotions. […]

Office Ergonomics: Tips That Make a Noticeable Difference

Office ergonomics best practices. Finding the right chair for you. Although choosing the right chair may be difficult, it is still imperative. Office ergonomics are highly-correlated to productivity and efficiency, so keep that in mind. Your spinal curves need to be supported, so choosing a chair equipped with lumbar support is your best bet! The height of […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

As a company, Carolina Office Xchange is strongly committed to the three “R’s” of sustainability: reuse of equipment; recycling of materials and reduction of waste.  By recycling and reusing office furniture, we are able to give our customers great prices, which we take pride in.  Maintaining sustainable business practices as a company helps give us […]