Designing Your Work Space Strategically

strategic-designLike the exposed work spaces and cafeteria-style desks famously embraced by Facebook and Zappos – office furniture selections showcase a company’s image, but can also support how it needs to function.

While the average company may not have Facebook’s cavernous space or its company culture, planning the design strategy determines which office furniture works best to create the most productive and welcoming environment.

We believe that designing your work space is not only an opportunity to supply new office furniture and art work. It is a time to review ways to make your company operate optimally. A few suggestions for thought:

1. Fundamental Office Redesign Questions:

  • What don’t you like about how your current space is configured?
  • What are the challenges your employees face?
  • What are your goals about how your resources need to collaborate?
  • What currently owned office furniture would you like to incorporate into the new design?

2. How Does Your Workforce Use the Work Space?

In addition to on-site employees, an increasing percentage work virtually. Although they don’t require permanent desks and chairs, a well-appointed bullpen area may be the solution to accommodate a virtual, part-time, or traveling workforce.

3. What Natural Elements of the Office Suite Can Be Highlighted?

Look at your office like it’s a blank canvas to direct focus on the space’s structural features. It will provide a completely different perspective:

  • žIn previously under-utilized space, consider outfitting alcoves and niches with side and guest chairs accented with a round table to support quick collaborations. Access to these informal conference areas can keep employees moving through their day with ease; they needn’t scramble to “see if the conference room is free” for a few minutes.
  • žYour space may have an area flooded with natural light that can become the focal point around which furniture is assembled.
  • Perhaps a room can be re-purposed – one with a stunning view could make for a better common area, visitor’s lounge, or even conference room.

A strategic design plan will suit the well-being of your employees and the operation as a whole, enabling your business to reap the returns of your design budget.