Downtown Durham Office Renovation

A local company in downtown Durham was relocating their office in an existing building to the 12th floor, . They wanted a fresh updated look but the new “open office” environments that are becoming so popular, would not be ideal for them. Throughout the planning process, three scenarios were presented to help find the best product suitable for the budget and specific needs of the client.  In the end, our popular line Open Plan Systems was selected as the cubicle product of choice, blending with Tayco casegoods in the offices and reception.

It was extremely important for our client to maximize the amount of natural light entering into the space.  However, the only way to lay out the space and allow for the maximum seats required was to place the cubicles along the outside window walls.   In order to keep the natural light, we reduced the panels along the window walls to be around 39″high.   Another requirement was to provide overhead storage for each cubicle, this was accomplished by utilizing the taller panels along the center (perpendicular to the windows) and hanging the storage bins above.   In working together and thinking through the design, we were able to accomplish all of the key components the client required:  maximizing seats, utilizing the space’s natural light, and providing adequate storage space within the cubicles. 

Throughout the entire project, our team worked hand in hand with the property manager and general contractor to ensure a smooth furniture installation for the client.   There are always challenges to overcome when working on a building in the heart of downtown, especially when they are located on the 12th floor.  Thankfully we had a great team that was able to work together and make this project a success.

The client now has an open, inviting work space with lots of natural light, all while still maintaining some privacy.  Here are some photos of the finished product and a great downtown Durham view!