End of the Year Deadlines

2014 was ending and we had a ton of clients looking to spend the remainder of their budgets for the year!   One of our clients, Ann’s House of Nuts,  located in Robersonville, NC,  had recently renovated a office space and was in need of new office furniture.

They originally started with the idea of 10 workstations in a stereotypical cubicle format, but as the process began they realized the space didn’t allow for this type of configuration.  The client decided to hold off on the cubicle need, and turned this room into a meeting/conference space with mobile training tables and chairs.  lyoutAfter finalizing the furniture selection we were down to just 1 month before the end of the year deadline. Since the holidays were creeping up quickly,  it significantly cut down the business days we had left to order, deliver and install.

The original product selected had a lead time of 4-6 weeks, which didn’t work for the customer’s time constraint. We then headed back to the drawing board to find substitutions that were in stock and ready to ship to meet the pressing December 31st deadline. After some hunting we found the perfect tables and chairs that met the customer’s specifications and time frame. We successfully finished this project on December 3oth, 2014 so the customer was able to count this purchase in the 2014 calendar year.

Products selected: