Giving Back to the Community

This past month, we have been fortunate enough to be able to donate furniture items to a few of our non-profit partners.

In late October, we were able to donate 65+ chairs to the Dorcas Ministries Thrift Shop in Cary, whose sales and contributions help thousands of people each year.

 In the past we have helped out schools and churches when we have excess inventory. Above and beyond donating we always fight for our customers to be able to get the product they need without breaking the bank.  With over 100 vendors that we have access to we are usually able to find pieces for them within their budget, no matter how small it is.

More recently we were also able to help out Zoweh Ministries get set up in their new office space by providing them with  furniture for their offices and a fridge for the break-room.


We take price in being community minded and diligently participates in charitable events and organizations which provide greatly needed services to those in need.  We believe it is valuable to our organization to give back to the communities in our area.