Let’s Get Active, At Work!

Getting active at work doesn’t mean running a mile at lunch or crunches at your desk.  Remember the stability ball that was all the rage to have? It’s ergonomic, comfortable and let’s not forget, you’re getting exercise.  The stability ball is a small inspiration to the larger market of active office solutions.Seating with Price

 Let’s Get Active, At Work!

Tips for Creating an Active Work Environment:

#1 Chair: The items pictured are some of the active seating options.

  • Pogo allows for perching at a height adjustable desk or sitting at a desk height, it is low enough to fit under your desk and out of the way.
  • Swopper Air has a larger seat with an added spring that gives a fun bounce in your sit, allowing for fun, subtle motion throughout the work day. The image shows the ability of the Swopper Air to move with you, as you reach for the phone or papers with the base giving added stability.

Do you like to get away from your desk to unwind or have meetings?

  • Oyo is multi-functional, sit facing backwards leaning on the back rest, sit sideways or just rock the stress away forward in this fun chair. Oyo has a molded poly frame to hug to you while you rock and relax.

 #2 Tables:

  • Tayco ConcordHeight Adjustable tables are a great option to allow your body a change in posture during the day. This Tayco option shows the variety of putting a height adjustable option with a standard desk. This combination works great with the height adjustable stool options, allowing a quick and easy transition from standing or sitting.

 #3 Accessories: Not in the market for changing your desk? We have a few options for you!

  • Interior Design 2015 Best of Year Awards, the QuickStand by Humanscale is a great sit-to-stand option. It allows you to change your fixed height desk to a height adjustable desk. This product holds the monitor, keyboard, and mouse.
  • New Sit2Stand Option from Richelieu is a great budget friendly option for height adjust-ability in the work space, allowing that motion of getting up and active during work.