Local Full Office Installation Completed

Last month we completed a full office installation for a local company in here Raleigh, NC.  The installation was for another office furniture dealer in Chicago, IL, who sold the furniture to the end user.  We always maintain strong business relationships with other furniture dealers around the country, which allows us to service different location across the US and vise versa.

The dealer out of Chicago, was servicing a client in their area but the location here in Raleigh was purchasing new furniture.  We worked hand in hand with the dealer to receive, deliver, and install all the new product directly to the customer.  The job scope consisted of workstations, private offices, seating, lobby furniture, and break room area.

Overall Floor Plan

Once product was installed we emailed the sign off as well as photos of the completed job directly to our dealer in Chicago.

It was a great end result, all parties were happy!

Reception and Collaborative Area

Main Conference and Reception Area

Private Office Layout

Workstations and Break Area