Office Etiquette tips

Office Etiquette: 8 Quick Tips for a Happy Work Environment

While a new professional is beginning their career, office rules and etiquettes are oftentimes under-looked. Learning these policies and training yourself to become as social-aware as possible, particularly in the workplace, will only help your productivity in said workplace. One slip-up or faux pas can be a detriment to your social domain of the office,  future raises and promotions. Here are some office etiquette tips that, if implemented correctly, can definitely have a positive impact of your adjustment in your new workplace. 



1. Respect another’s need to work.

If others are sitting nearby your work area, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re up for conversation of any kind. Other’s privacy is to be respected on a consistent basis. Even if there’s no door dividing you, act as if there is: this will ensure each other’s space is respected to the fullest, leading to optimized productivity. 


2. Maintain your work area as well as you can. 

Office etiquette often varies from workplace to workplace: some offices tend to be more traditional with plain-looking desks, while others choose to entertain a more contemporary feel by advocating personal expression (magazines, posters, rugs etc). Regardless of the etiquette, remember to keep your designated work area organized and clean. If your work area looks messy and unkept, people will likely associate the same about you. If you share a desk or work area, be sure to clear away all personal items like food, garbage or personal office supplies. 


3. Share your interests and passions. 

While remaining professional, don’t be afraid to develop and sustain personal relationships with coworkers. Sharing your passions along with learning about your coworkers’ passions will ensure each coworker is comfortable with one another, leading to optimized work efficiency. Be sure not to share to little or too much. Sharing too much personal information can leave you in a vulnerable spot, hindering your work efficiency. 


4. Don’t be out the door right when your shift ends. 

Staying a few extra minutes past closing will only help your professional reputation. Offer extra help as often as you can, be the best team player you can be, and show that you don’t mind staying a little bit late to ensure the work requirement is met. 


5. If you re too sick, please refrain from coming to work. 

If you’re contagious, do the entire organization a favor and stay home from work. No company or organization needs a domino effect to occur because someone felt obligated to attend work that day. Remember, you can always make time to catch back up work-wise. However, contaminating a large chunk of the office will set everyone’s schedule back much more! To remain professional, you could explain you are only a phone call away or make yourself available for an online chat. 


6. Share the credit.

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Be sure to appreciate your coworkers’ efforts by vocally expressing gratitude toward their productivity. By doing so, you will generate goodwill amongst co-workers and also give them an opportunity to reciprocate the kind gesture. 


7. Think like a team.

In order to maintain a highly-functional team, keep private conversations to yourself to establish as much trust as possible. Hold regular meetings to share ideas, mention concerns and set achievable goals. 



8. Office correspondence should be formal.


Compose emails as if they are formal letters. Refrain from using slang words and abbreviations to ensure you’re maintaining ideal and professional habits. Keep in mind that companies often times store and hoard employee emails for years!


Office etiquette is an important and often under looked part of your work environment. Don’t damage your career by neglecting office etiquette, follow it to ensure professional growth! When in doubt, go the extra mile to follow these rules to the best of your ability! To read about Carolina Office Xchange’s ergonomic tips, click here