Carolina Office XChange specializes in sales and rental of office furniture and everything we do is aimed at providing the highest level of service. We offer a wide range of very reliable assistance to our customers because we know that they come to us when the need for such is the greatest. We can provide service at every level of moving, office planning and furniture selection. Our friendly team members are here to help in any way possible.

We perform facility, furniture and equipment repairs. Asset storage and inventory management of your company’s surplus products are a specialty. We can provide packing boxes and crates and rent related equipment to facilitate those services for you as well. We can reconfigure workstations and offices, move furniture and equipment within an office, or transfer it to an entirely different location. Our facility services include:

If we have it in stock we can rent it to you.  Your particular situation may call for a rental set-up vs. a straight purchase.  Carolina Office XChange rents cubes, desks, chairs and files as needed,  short or long term.   We help with swing space solutions and financial management decisions.

Renting furniture, particularly for a new venture: conserves your working capital; add-on or trade up provisions can be a hedge against future obsolescence as your business grows; preserves lines of low interest credit, particularly in a tight financial market; has advantages in integration into certain accounting needs and requirements; equates to essentially “100 percent financing,” eliminating unneeded expenditures; makes it easy to compute operating expenses year to year; and provides flexibility to acquire the furniture our customers need under workable terms.

Ask us about how a lease/purchase may work for you.

Design services are available to space plan, optimize workplace performance, or simple fit the best workstation need in the space available.  Clients are often surprised at how a professionally planned office space configuration can actually increase productivity and their organization’s profitability.

We are expert in the speedy turnaround of small projects so quick decisions can be made.  Please don’t be intimidated by what may seem a complex situation, sometimes trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  We do it successfully all the time and make the available space do its best.

Carolina Office XChange provides modern storage facilities and accurate up-to-date inventory of our customers’ stored property.  We give short and long-term storage solutions, working within set budgets.  We are capable of providing detailed inventory service and churn service to customer’s specifications.

Our storage management style ensures instant retrieval upon your stated needs and assurance that stored assets are inspected on schedule and retain their state of quality.

Our expert craftsmen with years of experience can transform worn, torn upholstery into brand-new looking furniture, often chairs, with a large selection of colors to match new surroundings.  Doing so is an excellent economic alternative to replacing furniture with new and allows you great latitude is getting exactly the look you desire.

We offer solutions for refurbishing furniture whether you are adding to existing space or want to refresh the whole office by completely refurbishing your current assets.   We provide custom colors to match what you have or give you a whole new look.

Sometimes simple cleaning and painting can make some furniture look like new…and we can do that too.

Our furniture technicians can reupholster workstation panels, conference room furniture, office chairs and any other furniture with a fabric finish.   We can recondition other materials, wood included, if necessary.  The look of your entire office can change in amazing ways through simple restoration at a fraction of the cost of purchasing brand new items.

Carolina Office XChange reviews customer needs and works through options such as buyback and market pricing of furniture assets. Our years of experience enable us to initiate and secure banking credits toward new purchases and customize other options to meet your needs.

We work with businesses to decide whether short or long term storage for later disposal is more cost effective than simple liquidation.

Liquidation is often the only solution for companies who need to vacate their space. Let us assist in the quick disposal of those assets and broom clean for you – call us today!

Carolina Furniture XChange uses modern automation and space optimization to securely store millions of dollars in office furniture and property for its clients.  State of the art organization ensures that every stored item is continuously accounted for and its condition monitored.

We can receive or ship your goods in our 28,000 sq.ft. facility, where your inventory is asset managed and a database of items and even photos can be available if desired.  We can accommodate your needs for temporary storage as well.

We are very proud of the equipment we constantly upgrade to handle our warehouse facilities and give peace of mind to the many businesses who entrust their assets with us.  Distribution within, into, and out of our warehouse has been streamlined with systems that check every specific item as it comes in, gets set up and stored and then later prepared for shipment elsewhere.

We manage your assets with the most modern warehouse storage systems to maintain and enhance the value and condition of your stored property.

Our specialists will closely evaluate the scope of your project and help arrive at the very best solutions, from start to finish, whether it’s a complete move, a modernization, a simple makeover or a permanent office closing.  We have the experience to advise you on the best alternatives to achieve your goals and stay within your budget.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, our people will manage the delivery and installation of your order, perform site verification and create and execute a punch list to completion.

Change can sometimes be stressful.  Working with us removes a great deal of uncertainty and once you receive our proposal you’ll know that it will be implemented in a professional and timely fashion.

Located in the prestigious Research Triangle Park (RTP), our network of dedicated people promises prompt, dependable and complete delivery of furniture, supplies and equipment across North Carolina or anywhere in the country.  We understand that when you’re moving or upgrading there’s usually a sense of urgency because the office needs to get back to normal operation as quickly as possible.  Our 28,000 square foot warehouse provides us the flexibility to receive your inventory and schedule delivery of purchases at your convenience.

We offer quality installation services and no job is too large for our network of partners across the country.

When the sale takes place, we’ll discuss delivery options and mutually select the one that best adapts to your schedule and location.  No matter, we’ll get it done…and done to your liking. Our goal is to remove the hassles and give you confidence in our services.