Staying Green this Spring

Over the past 10 years there has been a huge movement for green design and green living in your home. Why not bring it to the office as well! There is no reason why that commitment to being environmentally friendly should stop there, we do spend 40+ hours at our offices every week.  There is a number of ways you can improve your “environmental footprint” in your office, many of which are as easy as getting some re-usable plates for the break room instead of paper. On a larger scale you can do a lot with the products that you choose for your office.

  1. Purchase products from companies who offer environmental information. Plenty of our products here great stats for being LEED and Greenguard certified. One of the lines we carry from Tayco offers are Solid-coat finish on work surfaces to prevent emissions, improving indoor air quality.
  2. Purchase products from a local supplier. One of our favorite companies to work with is Global which keeps many items stocked in the Atlanta warehouse. It is great that it doesn’t take long for us to receive the product but more importantly it cuts down on emissions from freight since it is closer. This can also help you get closer to a LEED certification.
  3. Choose products that are re-manufactured. One of the biggest investments you make when you are outfitting a new office is the cubicles. One of the lines we offer is perfect for companies who care about the environment but are also trying to keep costs low. By reusing frames of existing cubes the price is lower but also is a great way to reduce waste.