Ten Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Office Furniture Dealer

10 questions to ask

Are you in need of new or used office furniture, but don’t know where to begin? Have you already started the furniture buying process, but just ended up frustrated and unsure who to trust? If so, we’re here to help. Below, we’ve compiled 10 questions to consider when making a decision about your next new or used office furniture dealer, which will help you to better understand your own needs, and to become a more savvy shopper.

 1. What kind of dealer are you looking for?

 Some dealers sell only top-of-the-line designer office furniture, while others sell equipment targeted at those for whom price is the number one concern. Ask yourself the following:

  • Am I on a strict budget, or is there some wiggle room?
  • Does this office furniture need to last for a long time, or will it be replaced soon?
  • Do I need a lot of features, or will something basic work well?
  • Where will it be utilized (e.g. reception furniture, or in the 24/7 customer service department)?

2. Does the dealer’s website provide you with most (or all) of the information you need?

As a consumer, you should seek out a dealer who happily passes along as much information to you as they can. When browsing their website, do they make it easy for you to learn about new and used office furniture? Do they give you any insight into how they can solve your office furniture needs? When you call them, is the person that answers the phone responsive to your questions?

Websites and customer service are an extension of the company itself, so a poor experience with either one might be a red flag that you’ll want to stay away.

 3. Does your dealer/salesperson have a vision for your office space, and do they plan to see it through?

 A thorough used office furniture dealer must have a solid understanding of the products they sell, as well as how that furniture can be arranged order to achieve a balance between many different factors.

 With your specific information, your office furniture dealer should be able to craft a unique implementation plan. In other words, now that they know what you need, they should know how to achieve it.

 4. Has your dealer planned for growth?

 Surprisingly, this is often an overlooked factor by many novice office furniture dealers. Because the primary goal of your business is to expand and increase your earnings potential, growth should always be a motivating factor in the type of office furniture you choose.

 5. Has your salesperson considered which technology you’ll be using?

 Do your technology needs consist of processing audio and/or graphics, and the large displays that come along with this type of work? Will your office furniture be used to support an engineering or mechanical department? Or, do you need to maximize space in an office where everyone’s on a laptop?

 Small factors—such as the difference between a printer table stand and an under desk printer table—are crucial in understanding your office furniture needs, so make sure your salesperson is aware of this information.

 6. Are they focused on solving all your other needs?

 Maybe you didn’t end up leasing the space you wanted. Perhaps you decided to order a different sized meeting room table. Whatever happens during this time, how does your new or used office furniture dealer react to these types of changes? Do they become frustrated and angry, or are they understanding and quick to get the job done?

 7. Have they discussed what to do with your current furniture?

 If your business has experienced growth and you’re now looking to change or upgrade, inquire about what can be done with your current used office furniture. Can it somehow be implemented into the new design, helping you to save money? If not, is there an earth-friendly method of reusing or recycling it?

 8. Will they continue to earn your business after the sale?

 If you’re thinking about using a particular new or used office furniture dealer in Raleigh, NC, check out their reviews online, or even better, talk with someone who’s used their services before. Find out if they offer quick and easy service and support once they’ve taken your money.

 9. What kind of warranty is offered? What’s their return policy? What happens if you need something repaired?

In a marketplace flooded with businesses that usually offer many of the same products at very similar prices, a business’s service is often what sets them apart from their competition. Many of these questions should be able to be answered using the company’s website, but can also present a good opportunity to experience their customer service beforehand.

 10. How does your dealer stack up against the competition?

 After you’ve narrowed down your office furniture dealer list to less than three (3), take all the information you’ve compiled and compare each of them. At this point, there should be a clear winner. And remember, if it’s close, make sure that you’re comparing similar items and services.

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