Ten Things to Consider When Shopping for Office Furniture

number_10_blue_0Whether it is expanding, downsizing, relocating, or opening a start up, planning and implementing the most efficient and cost effective ways to do this can be a daunting task. The team at Carolina Office Xchange has years of experience and has created some tips to help you achieve a workspace that will tailor to your company’s needs and budget.

Office Furniture Budget
Deciding how much to allocate for furniture can feel like throwing darts in the dark. In the beginning stages it is important to identify the quantities and items needed to best outfit your space. Working with that information, Carolina Office Xchange can help select the right furniture from modest affordable pieces to higher end selections with all the bells and whistles.

Space Planning
In the early planning stages, the team at Carolina Office Xchange will brainstorm with you to better understand your wants and needs for your company.  The design team will work with your architect or they can provide you with space planning solutions. Very experienced in this arena, Carolina Office Xchange will partner with you during this process until you’re satisfied with the vision.

Carolina Office Xchange has a wide range of inventory consisting of cubicles, desks, seating, files, and more. From auditorium seating to keyboard trays, they’ve got it. Their extensive inventory allows you to outfit your entire office space in a one-stop shop fashion.

Furniture and Finish Selections
Once the space planning is done, Carolina Office Xchange will work with you to create the perfect office space. They will recommend product and finish selections to create a visually unified space conducive to increased productivity.

Blending New and Used Furniture
Part of the overall planning is evaluating whether existing office furniture can be incorporated into the new design. Blending existing product and additional new or used furniture is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative.  Based on your needs, Carolina Office Xchange can create a logical plan for purchasing furniture pieces progressively over time instead of all at once. This strategy is a great way for a startup company to ease cash flow.

Reconfiguring Existing Office Furniture
Another cost-effective option Carolina Office Xchange offers is reconfiguring existing furniture to meet your new needs. For instance, existing workstations may be upgraded by adding or removing:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Work surfaces
  • Panels
  • Keyboard trays and computer monitor arms

New as of Fall 2013, Carolina Office Xchange offers sound masking, which helps gently override the sound traveling through the office. This helps minimize distractions for employees and in turn encourages increased productivity.

Rental Furniture
If you are not ready to make a long-term commitment, explore Carolina Office Xchange’s furniture rental services. There are a variety of rental options based on your needs and budget.

Scheduling, Coordination, Delivery, and Installation
Carolina Office Xchange will professionally manage the delivery and installation of your order and coordinate schedules with contractors, property manager, and moving company.  Handling these details may not be in your job description, but it is precisely what Carolina Office Xchange does. This service is not limited to North Carolina, as they offer quality installation services across the country through a network of partners.

Relocation Services
Carolina Office Xchange is about more than selling furniture. If it’s time to relocate, but not time for new furniture, you can still use Carolina Office Xchange to handle the relocation. They will evaluate your existing product and create a floor plan for the new space. The team will provide moving boxes, crates, and labels to ensure a smooth and easy process.

Many times, liquidation is the only solution for a company needing to vacate the space immediately or to dispose of unneeded furniture. Carolina Office Xchange can be your resource as they offer buyback/liquidation services. Their years of experience enable them to determine current market prices for your furniture.

Considering these points can make your office furniture buying experience more enjoyable, efficient, and effective. An invaluable resource, the knowledgeable team at Carolina Office Xchange is ready to walk you through this process to create the best design solutions that are perfect for your business.