Walls Go from Short to Tall in a Weekend

One of our customers who specialize in utility infrastructure systems and resource conservation in Morrisville, NC was interested in providing more privacy for their employees and still allow for collaboration.  The original floor plan which consisted of lower panels between employees and taller along the center was perfect in the beginning.  As the customer grew, they added employees and customer training at their location, therefore the lower panels along the aisles caused a lot of distractions for the employees sitting in these stations.  The designer at Carolina Office Xchange came up with a quick and easy solution by swapping out the lower existing panels along the aisles to provide more privacy. By switching out the low panels to taller ones, the aisles are now defined and distractions are minimized. Carolina Office Xchange was able to match the customer’s existing fabric in one area and add a complimentary fabric in the other due to the fabric being discontinued.


Before: The short panels offered little privacy and gave way to distractions.


There were over 60 stations to change out so the job was broken down into 2 phases.  Employees left on Friday with low panels and returned on Monday to an improved, private space, with taller panels. The employees can still collaborate with fellow co-workers sitting behind and across from them when needed.  The work was performed afterhours over the weekend to minimize down time for employees.



After: Taller panels created privacy and productivity.


Carolina Office Xchange has always taken pride in finding practical solutions that save clients both time and money, whatever your office design and furniture needs. This case was no exception. Let us work with you on your office furniture challenges and we promise an outcome you’ll be pleasantly surprised with.