Which Office Layout Suits You Best?


 If you’re moving into a new space or updating your current office space, your office layout should reflect your corporate culture and mission. Open office layouts, consisting of contemporary desks with screens or low panel height work stations, create an environment that focuses on collaboration, visibility, and communication. Offices with higher panel heights and private offices provide workers with plenty of privacy. Your layout will dictate what type of furniture is necessary to keep your employees motivated and productive.

In the world of office furniture, there are several layouts and styles to choose from.  For example, modern office layouts foster a vibrant, high-energy collaborative office environment while traditional office layouts project a more formal, comforting, warm and private company culture. Modern configurations  are usually best suited for a creative agency, such as an advertising, video production, or interior design firm. Open seating and desks invite instant collaboration without having to transition to a conference room. Modern floor plans also incorporate the use of natural light since open spaces aren’t partitioned into cubicles. Natural light is known to boost employee morale.

In some cases traditional floor plans are needed to create a more private setting for confidential discussions. For instance when securing loans at a bank, clients feel more comfortable in a private office, as opposed to an open office setting. Traditional layouts can be seen as familiar, warm, and inviting. If you have a large number of employees that need privacy for calls and detailed tasks, traditional cubicles with higher walls would work best.  In general, cubicles with higher panels offer privacy and an environment that will help your employee focus on the tasks at hand.

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